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Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman was born on the 10th of November 1960, is married with three children, and is currently dividing his time between the USA and the UK.

Neil Gaiman is best known as the creator and writer of the monthly cult horror-weird series SANDMAN. SANDMAN has won Neil the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for best writer (1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994), best continuing series (1991, 1992 and 1993), best graphic album - reprint (1991) and best graphic album - new (1993); the Harvey Award for best writer (1990, 1991) and best continuing series (1992); and SANDMAN #19 took the 1991 World Fantasy Award for best short story, making it the first comic ever to be awarded a literary award. He has won many other awards including the Diamond Distributors' 'Gem' award, voted on by comic retailers internationally for expanding the marketplace of comic readers.

Norman Mailer said of SANDMAN "Along with all else, SANDMAN is a comic strip for intellectuals, and I say it's about time". Eight trade paperback and hardback SANDMAN collections have appeared to date, PRELUDES AND NOCTURNES, THE DOLL'S HOUSE, DREAM COUNTRY, SEASON OF MISTS, A GAME OF YOU, FABLES AND REFLECTIONS, BRIEF LIVES and WORLD'S END with a ninth, THE KINDLY ONES due out in March 1996. SANDMAN sells over a million copies a year; the collections have sold over three quarters of a million copies in trade paperback and hardback. Warner Brothers have optioned SANDMAN for a movie, and a first draft script (by Elliot and Rossio, who wrote Disney's Aladdin) has been delivered.

Gaiman's three-part series DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING was released by DC in February 1993, and was the single best-selling title for 'mature readers' ever, with the first issue alone selling over 300,000 copies. The three parts of the story were collected in late 1993 to widespread acclaim. Warner Brothers have optioned DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING as a movie, and have approached Gaiman to write the script of the film.

Neil's SIGNAL TO NOISE (illustrated by Dave McKean), a graphic novella about a dying film director, was serialised in THE FACE (June 1989 - Jan 1990), reprinted by Gollancz in July 1992, is the winner of an Eisner Award for best graphic album, and is currently being adapted into a radio play by BBC Radio 3 and as a CD-ROM, also by the BBC. His other collaborations with Dave McKean include VIOLENT CASES (1987) and BLACK ORCHID (1988), both published by Titan Books. VIOLENT CASES, a meditation on the memory, evil and kids' birthday parties, won the 1988 Eagle Award as best graphic novel, and Gaiman won the Eagle Award as best writer of American comics in the same year, a rare accolade for a British writer.

The first collection of Gaiman's SF series MIRACLEMAN: THE GOLDEN AGE, appeared in 1992 from Eclipse (USA) and Harper Collins (UK). ANGELS AND VISITATIONS (DreamHaven 1993), a hardcover small press collection of his short fiction, prose and journalism, issued to celebrate ten years as a professional writer, sold out its first print run of 10, 000 immediately, and has already gone back to the press three times. One of the stories from the collection, 'Troll Bridge', and the collection itself, were nominated for World Fantasy Awards in 1994, and the book was awarded the 1994 International Horror Critics' Guild Award. Neil's stories have appeared for the last four years running in the annual YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR COLLECTION, and two of his stories have been picked for the 1996 collection.

Other recent comic work includes MR. PUNCH, published by DC Comics and Gollancz (November 1994), a strange story of temptation and puppets featuring art by Dave McKean, and THE LAST TEMPTATION, an adaption by Neil of the story he created and around which Alice Cooper wrote his album of the same name.

Neil was also co-originator, co-plotter and co-editor of THE UTTERLY COMIC COMIC RELIEF COMIC, which raised Ģ45, 000 for the Comic Relief charity in 1991.

Neil Gaiman was co-author with Terry Pratchett, of GOOD OMENS, a funny novel about how the world is going to end and we're all going to die, which spent 17 consecutive weeks on the SUNDAY TIMES bestseller lists, and which has gone on to sell over a quarter of a million copies in the UK alone. Other books include the cult hit GHASTLY BEYOND BELIEF (1985) and DON'T PANIC (1987), and, as editor, a book of poetry, NOW WE ARE SICK. His essays have appeared in HORROR: 100 BEST BOOKS and 100 GREAT DETECTIVES.

Neil has recently completed a six part fantastical TV series for the BBC, called NEVERWHERE, set in a strange world beneath London, which will begin filming in February 1996 and which will be broadcast in Autumn 1996; and has just finished his first book for children, THE DAY I SWAPPED MY DAD FOR TWO GOLDFISH.

Neil's work has appeared in translation in Italy, Spain, Holland, Norway, Germany, France, Brazil, Sweden, Finland and some other countries he can't think of off-hand. His journalism has appeared in TIME OUT, THE SUNDAY TIMES, PUNCH and THE OBSERVER among others.

Tori Amos sings about Neil on her albums LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, UNDER THE PINK and BOYS FOR PELE. More recently Neil has written songs for Minneapolis band The Flash Girls ("the find of the year and perhaps beyond" - UTNE READER).

In 1992 he swept the Canadian 'Ricky' awards given out by the viewers of Canadian TV show 'Prisoners of Gravity', winning, amongst other awards, 'Favourite Guest'. He was awarded the Kemi (Finland) Award as Best International Writer 1994), the Austrian Prix Vienne as Best Writer (1993), the Spanish Haxtur Award for best writer (1993, 1994, 1995) and many Brazilian awards for best foreign comic writer.


Sam Keith

Sam Keith is a guy who lives in California.


Mike Dringenberg

Mike Dringenberg was born in Laon, France, and currently resides in Bountiful, Utah. His early comic work appeared in Enchanter, Alien Worlds, and Total Eclipse, and Kelvin Mace. When not drawing or painting, Mike swears he can be found "wandering around the desert kicking coyotes" and "watching the sun rise in the west."


Malcolm Jones III

Malcolm Jones III attended the High School of Art and Design and the Pratt Institute before making his comics debut in the pages of Young All Stars. The 32-year-old Brooklyn resident also inks The Question Quarterly and is pencilling and inking Coldblood 7. In his free time, Malcolm studies drawing and painting and listens to an eclectic range of music that includes the works of Stevie Nicks, Miles Davis, and Mozart.


Robbie Busch

Robbie Busch recently graduated from the Pratt Institute and is currently coloring Bill and Tedīs Ecellent Adventure and The Demon. He is also writing and drawing Instant Piano. He was born in Sioux City, Iowa, grew up in Cincinatti, Ohio, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.


Dave McKean

He has illustrated various comics written by author Neil Gaiman, as well as his own self-penned series Cages. He is working with The Unauthorized Sex Company Theatre Group, writers Ian Sinclair and Jacka Carroll on comics projects as well as recording an album. Dave McKean has illustrated four comics including Arkham Asylum and Signal to Noise. He has produced all the covers for the ongoing Sandman series, is a regular contributor to The New Yorker and has done many CD and book covers.

He lives in the Kent countyside with partner Clare, goblin Yolanda and some sheep, all called Number 25.


Todd Klein

Todd Klein is one of the most versatile and accomplished letterers in comics. He has more than 200 logo designs to his credit, among them The Heckler and Atlantis Chronicles. He has also written for comics, including The Omega Men.Todd is a collector of books, magazines and stamps. He doesnt seem to know why. He also is compelled to keep lists of bird species seen and has been known to travel thousands of miles to see new ones.

He and his wife, Ellen, currently reside in rural Southern New Jersey.


Kelley Jones

Kelley Jones would have been a two-star baseball player but could not hit a curve ball with any consistency. He enjoys drawing comics because it is one of the only jobs where he can listen to a ballgame and not get into trouble. He resides in Citrus Heights, California and is drawing the forthcoming, and second, Dreadman Series.


Charles Vess

Charles Vess, in addition to illustrating childrens novels/fairy tales, is also the artist on The Books of Magic #3, as well as the writer/artist of the Spider-Man graphic novel, Spirits of the Earth. He currently resides on 25 acres in Virginia.


Colleen Doran

Colleen Doran has been a professional illustrator since the age of fifteen and has been working in comics since college, illustarting some fifty different titles including Clive Barkers Hellraiser, The Amazaing Spider-Man, Vampirella, Excalibur , Creepy, X-Factor, and Wonder Woman. She also painted the graphic novel adaptation of Anne Riceīs The Master of Rampling Gate, and illustrated the adaptation of Disneyīs Beauty and the Beast. Currently, she works and lives in Virginia, writing and illustration the series A distant Soil, which she also created.


Steve Oliff

Steve discovered the color theory and Marvel Comics in 1963, color theory by mixing Play-Doh and being given a full set of Prismacolor pencils (a far cry from crayons). His career was set. Steve has worked for Marvel, Eclipse, Pacific, Byron Preiss Visual Productions, The Dragon, DC, Dark Horse and Image, has colored thosands of pages and has won several comic industry awards.

Steve lives in a converted water tower and is the former mayor of Point Area, California.


Christopher Bachalo

Chris is a native of glamorous Portage la Prairie, Canada, host of the infamous World Curling Championships. Eclectic is a good word for this artists work and personality. His personal likes include Rachmaninoff and Neil Diamond, while his work ranges from mysic Shade, The Changing Man to Vertigoīs Childrenīs Crusade. When asked to describe his work, Chris simply replied: "Refreshingly different."


Mark Buckingham

After a brief flirtation with animation followed by a design degree course at Staffordshire University, Mark Buckingham made his comics debut on Hellblazer, first as an inker and later as a penciller.

Best known at DC for his inking work on Dr. Fate,Shade, The Canging Man, The Hacker Files, Sandman and Death: The high Cost of Living, Mark has simultaneously bee developing his career as an artist in his own right. As well as joining Neil Gaiman or Miracleman, he has also contributed to Secret Origins, Killing Stroke, 2000 A.D., Ghost Rider and Swamp Thing.

Mark has co-created Immortalis with Nick Vince.

Mark and his wife, Gail, currently reside in the seaside town of Clevedon, England.

Alan Moore

Alan Moore

Alan Moore entered the comics scriptwriting field in 1980, contributing to Doctor Who Weekly and Britainīs much-celebrated science fiction title 2000 A.D. This was followed by the super-hero series Marvelman (published in the United States as Miracleman) and the downbeat thriller V for Vendetta, which earned him the British Eagle Award for Best Comics Writer in 1982 and 1983. DC Comicīs Swamp Thing series, which he took over in 1983, also garnered him several Eagle Awards, as well as two American Jack Kirby Comics Industry Awards. In 1987, Moore won yet another Kirby Best Writer Award, this time for Watchmen.

Moore currently resides in England with his family.

Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons began his comics career in 1973. A frequent contributor to the magazine 2000 A.D., he illustrated such renowned strips as Harlem Heroes, Dan Dare, and Rogue Trooper for that publication. Gibbons has also worked on the popular Dr. Who strip, and in 1982 he began his association with DC Comics, drawing the Green Lantern series. His work with Alan Moore on Watchmen helped win that team a Best Writer/Artist combination award at the 1987 Jack Kirby Comics Industry Awards ceremony.

Gibbons lives in England with his wife and young son.

Jim Starlin

Jim Starlin

Jim Starlin is one of the most respected writer/artists in the comics industry. His cosmic sagas have given birth to such tragic icons such as Warlock, Dreadstar, Gilgamesh II. His present projects include The Thanos Quest for Marvel Comics, and the Novel Lady El (co-written with Diana Graziunas).

He currently resides in New York State.

Bernie Wrightson

Bernie Wrightson

Bernie Wrightson first caught comics readers' attention in the early seventies with his gothic art style on DC's Swamp Thing. He has since become widely renowned as the spookiest artist in any medium. His current projects include The Punisher for Marvel Comics.

He presently resides in New York State with his wife and two children.

Bill Wray

Bill Wray

Bill Wray has contributed to a wide variety of comics, from Cracked to DC's avantgarde Wasteland. Drawing on ten years of experience in animation, his art has covered every genre, from the art humorous to the horrific. He is currently inking DC's Green Arrow, writing and drawing What the...! and coloring a Punisher series for Marvel Comics.

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