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The Corpse and The Iron Shoes

The Corpse and The Iron Shoes


The Monaghan's have a problem -- faeries have stolen their baby. Tam O'Clannie's problem is he wants a Christian burial, and he's already getting pretty ripe. Hellboy has more than his share of problems with border goblins, dead men, and war monsters, as he tries to make everyone happy in one night, roaming the Irish landscape looking for a Christian graveyard and finding only pagan monstrosities. The complete story, "The Corpse," the first part of which was serialized in Advance Comics, concludes here with an all-newback-up, "The Iron Shoes," in which Hellboy enters a battered, medieval tower to take on a footnote from Irish folklore.

Book Info

Hellboy : The Corpse and The Iron Shoes
Published by Dark Horse Comics,
10956 SE Main Street
Milwaukie, OR 97222
ISBN ??? (paperback)

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