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Champion of the Worms

  • Artist: Mike Mignola & Pat McEown



A small-town museum is plagued by odd disturbances and missing persons, which the proprietor blames on the arrival of an ancient Hyperborean sarcophagus.
Zombie World #1
Zombie World #2


A human sacrifice is prepared for Azzul Gotha, who's pulled one over on the human race for the first time in forty-two thousand years. The battle in Whistler Museum wraps up, leading to next month's all-out zombie-mayhem conclusion and the end of civilization.


A 42,000-year-old necromancer is terrorizing the townspeople of Whistler, Massachusetts, but that's the least of their problems. Azzul Gotha's ancient debt to the worm gods is at last paid, and the final showdown in the cemetery is enough to raise the dead in this conclusion to the first ZombieWorld story.
Zombie World #3

Book Info

Zombie World : Champion of the Worms
Published by Dark Horse Comics,
10956 SE Main Street
Milwaukie, OR 97222

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