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Enterprise-Wide Spam and Virus protection

By deploying amavisd-new on your central mail gateway you can efficiently protect all the users behind the gateway from spam (UBE/UCE) and viruses.

We installed amavisd-new for the Charité.

Let the pictures speak for themselves -- these were made using the excellent Mailgraph by David Schweikert mail

amavisd-new is configured to use Clamd, a daemonized scanner, Kaspersky aveserver (also daemonized) and SpamAssassin 3.x
We merely "tag" the spam instead of rejecting or quarantining it. This way each user can filter his/her mail individually.



On a normal day, this machine easily handles 40.000 Mails (with 88.000 rejections) with a peak load of 2.0.

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