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One method for stopping backscatter spam


I want to stop backscatter spam to an address in our organisation. How?


Use header_checks to reject header lines that are not being used by the genuine sender:
if /^From:.*<firstname\.lastname@example\.com>/
!/Firstname Lastname/i   HOLD Backscatter Firstname Lastname
The idea is this:

The header of a bounced/rejected mail usually contains at least the header of the original spam. If the headers contain firstname.lastname@example.com, then we check if the very same line is not equal to what the sender uses as realname.
In our case we assume that the realname is "Firstname Lastname".

So the mail address that's usually being used is:

From: "Firstname Lastname" <firstname.lastname@example.com>
You may want to replace HOLD with DISCARD or REJECT once you think the pattern work for you.
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