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Where is the bottleneck?

credits go to Victor Duchovni et al.

Basic stuff

Tuning for higher throughput

Which sub-queue maildrop, incoming, active or deferred is affected?

If your machine relays a high volume of inbound mail arrange to have a separate transport (say "relay") for the domains that are forwarded inbound . Set a high relay_destination_concurrency_limit (say 50). The master.cf entry for "relay" should have -o smtp_connect_timeout=$relay_connect_timeout (no spaces around the = sign!) Then set relay_connect_timeout in main.cf to "5s" or "1s".

If you are doing content filtering for viruses via an SMTP based content filter (the second alternative in FILTER_README) make sure the sending transport (again clone "smtp" in master.cf and call it "filter", "scan" or "vscan") is configured with -o disable_dns_lookups=yes, this is described in FILTER_README.

disable_dns_lookups=yes also helps, when you're sending all mail to a fixed destination anyway, regardless of MX Records (e.g. when using relayhost=...

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