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Postfix Beispielkonfiguration für einen Client

mydomain = bln.innominate.de
# oder halt (ham|muc|ffm|lpz).innominate.de

relayhost = [mail.$mydomain]
# das sollte für alle Standorte korrekt sein

masquerade_domains = innominate.de
# Mail von user@host.standort.innominate.de -> user@innominate.de 

masquerade_exceptions = root
# ausser für root!

mydestination =
# nichts soll lokal zugestellt werden

virtual_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual
# Hierdrin steht eine Zeile (ohne # !):
# root@hostname.standortkuerzel.innominate.de vorname.nachname@innominate.de
# Danach "postmap virtual" nicht vergessen

© by Ralf Hildebrandt
This document contains links to external information sources that I do neither monitor nor control. I explicitly disclaim any liabilities in respect to external references.
You are getting this document without any guarantees. Any methods shown above are meant as demonstration and may be wrong in some place. You may damage your system if you try to follow my hints and instructions. You do this at your own risk!

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