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Sandman Annotations

This is a set of annotations to issues of the Sandman comic (published by DC Comics) as initially compiled by Greg Morrow <morrow@physics.rice.edu> and David Goldfarb <goldfarb@ocf.berkeley.edu>.

The files below are identified by issue number, title and, in parentheses, the name of the larger storyline or anthology containing the issue, when such exists. (Note that in some cases individual issues were untitled; in these cases a title has been invented for this list.)

All suggestions on the annotations themselves should be sent to the editor, Ralf Hildebrandt <R.Hildebrandt@tu-bs.de>.

Sandman and this annotation are intended for mature audiences only.

Preludes & Nocturnes

1: Sleep of the Just
2: Imperfect Hosts
3: Dream a Little Dream of Me
4: A Hope in Hell
5: Passengers
6: 24 Hours
7: Sound and Fury
8: The Sound of Her Wings

The Doll's House

9: Tales in the Sand
10: The Doll's House
11: Moving In
12: Playing House
13: Men of Good Fortune
14: Collectors
15: Into the Night
16: Lost Hearts

Dream Country

17: Calliope
18: A Dream of a Thousand Cats
19: A Midsummer Night's Dream
20: Facade

Season of Mists

21: A Prologue
22: Chapter 1
23: Chapter 2
24: Chapter 3
25: Chapter 4
26: Chapter 5
27: Chapter 6
28: Epilogue

A Game of You

32: Slaughter on Fifth Avenue
33: Lullabies of Broadway
34: Bad Moon Rising
35: Beginning to See the Light
36: Over the Sea to Sky
37: I Woke Up and One of Us Was Crying.

Brief Lives

41: Brief Lives One
42: Brief Lives Two
43: Brief Lives Three
44: Brief Lives Four
45: Brief Lives Five
46: Brief Lives Six
47: Brief Lives Seven
48: Brief Lives Eight
49: Brief Lives Nine

Worlds' End

51: A Tale of Two Cities
52: Cluracan's Tale
53: Hob's Leviathan
54: The Golden Boy
55: Cerements
56: Worlds' End

Fables and Reflections

Vertigo Preview: Fear of Falling
31: Three Septembers and a January (Distant Mirrors)
29: Thermidor (Distant Mirrors)
38: The Hunt (Convergences)
30: August (Distant Mirrors)
39: Soft Places (Convergences)
Special #1: The Song of Orpheus
40: The Parliament of Rooks (Convergences)
50: Ramadan (Distant Mirrors)

The Kindly Ones

57: The Kindly Ones: 1
58: The Kindly Ones: 2
59: The Kindly Ones: 3
60: The Kindly Ones: 4
61: The Kindly Ones: 5
62: The Kindly Ones: 6
63: The Kindly Ones: 7
64: The Kindly Ones: 8
65: The Kindly Ones: 9
66: The Kindly Ones: 10
67: The Kindly Ones: 11
68: The Kindly Ones: 12
69: The Kindly Ones: 13

The Wake

70: The Wake: 1
71: The Wake: 2
72: The Wake: 3
73: An Epilogue
74: Exiles
75: The Tempest

All annotations in one ZIP-file

All characters, images, their distinctive likenesses and related indicia, featured here in relation to The Sandman comic are copyright DC/Vertigo Comics Created by: Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg , and can only be used for private use
© by Ralf Hildebrandt
This document contains links to external information sources that I do neither monitor nor control. I explicitly disclaim any liabilities in respect to external references.
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