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                             The Annotated Sandman

                Edited by Ralf Hildebrandt and largely written by David Goldfarb

                      Issue 64: "The Kindly Ones: 8" 

                      Neil Gaiman, Teddy Kristiansen

Page 1 panel 1: For the first time, the recurring strings are replaced with
a literal string, and one not part of the surrounding scene. And a string
very close to being cut...
	  panel 2: These children are reminiscent of the stories of E. Nesbit.
No specific reference, though.
	  panel 3: Arabic(?) myth gives the name "salamander" to elemental 
fire spirits, reptilian in form.

Page 2 panel 1: "The snows of yesterday" is a reference to the French poet
Francois Villon, who wrote, "Where are the snows of yesteryear?".
	  panel 2: At the end of "The Season of Mists", Dream's old love Nada
was reborn into the body of a boy in Hong Kong. This may be the same boy.
The art style here is much more Japanese than Chinese.
	  panel 5: Presumably Dream is the standing figure, looking much as
he did in issue #9. Note an Afrikaner tribal god as well as a native one...
and note that the actual decision is left quite ambiguous.

Page 3 panel 1: Dream is in the process of creating this nightmare in 11:10.
	  panel 4: "Via lacrimae" is Latin for "road of tears". Quite what the
significance is I'm not sure.

Page 4 panel 1: Continuing the pattern of having a dwelling place in the
panel with the title and credits.
	  panel 3: As seen in 63: 5-8, of course.

Page 5 panel 2: A fairy-tale has seven princes transformed into swans. They
are restored using jackets made of nettles; but there aren't enough nettles
to complete all of the jackets, so the youngest brother is left with a swan's
wing instead of an arm.

Page 6 panel 1: It is of course impossible to tell whether this young woman
is Foxglove, of "A Game of You" and the "Death" miniseries.
	  panel 3: The sign's language is unidentified. It is similar to
Hungarian, but not identical. (Hungarian for "Do not feed the pigeons" is
"Ne etesd a galambokat".)
	  panel 6: This house seems similar to the one in Florida where Rose
stayed during "The Doll's House". It doesn't seem to be identical, however.

Page 9 panel 5: Domesday Book: A census of British holdings taken by the
Normans shortly after their conquest in 1066.

The Pub mentioned by Jack is in fact the Griffin in Fletching - a beautiful
village in Sussex very close to Wych Cross that is indeed in the Domesday
book. I don't think that Jack would have to ask the Landlord about the age
though as the pub is quite a tourist attraction and as I recall there's
quite a lot of its history hung up on its walls as decoration.  

Page 10 panel 1: This snow is awfully deep considering that the ground was
bare only a few days ago...

Page 11 panel 3: An echo of "Brief Lives" part 4 -- 44:20.

Page 13 panel 2: Ruby's death in "Brief Lives", of course, and the destruction
of Nada's city.

Page 15 panel 2: Note, again, the claws of brass.
	   panel 3: Interesting that it is the Maiden who delivers death by age.

Page 18: According to report, Hecate was shown in statues as a trio 
of women; one holding a whip, one holding a sword, and the center holding
a torch.

Page 21 panel 2: Tony Curtis delivered Matthew's quote in the movie, "The
Black Shield of Falworth" (1954).

Page 22 panel 2: Lamb stew, eh? Well, once you've let the animal's spirit
free, no sense in wasting its body, I suppose. "John Bauer" is most likely
the artist from around the turn of the century, known for illustrating
Swedish fairy tales such as "In the Troll Wood".

Page 23 panel 2: And then again, perhaps it was that she was heartless.

Release History:
Version 1.0 released 7 Feb 95.

	Lance "Squiddie" Smith (lsmith@cs.umn.edu) identified Matthew's quote 
and John Bauer.
	Jane Carlton (Jane@tortshel.demon.co.uk) gave the Hungarian.
	Katie Schwarz (katie@physics.berkeley.edu) noted the inconsistent 
	Medusa (avongvis@nmsu.edu) mentioned the Hecate statues.
	Andy Wise confirmed the existence of the pub Griffin in Fletching.
	Greg "elmo" Morrow (morrow@physics.rice.edu) created the Sandman Annotations.

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