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                             The Annotated Sandman

                Edited by Ralf Hildebrandt and largely written by David Goldfarb

                      Issue 68: "The Kindly Ones: 12" 

                  Neil Gaiman, Marc Hempel, Richard Case

Disclaimer:  Sandman and all related characters are copyrights and trademarks
of DC Comics Inc.  Sandman and this annotation are intended for mature
audiences only.

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Page 1 panel 2: Notice that Daniel is playing with Barbie's old toys from
"A Game of You": Luz, Wilkinson, and Martin Tenbones.

Page 2 panel 5: Alianore (as long-time readers will remember) is an old lover
of Dream's who came to a bad end, although the details are obscure.
       panel 6: We've seen the destruction of the Ruby and the Rose-Quartz;
in 7:17:9 and 36:26:2, respectively.

Page 4 panel 5: Probably referring to the gathering in part 1 of "The Season
of Mists". (22:8:2)

Page 7 panel 1: Mazikeen's speech impediments seem to have gotten worse since
the last time she had a line. She's saying, "Go away".
       panel 2: "If you don't go away, I will call the police." "Go away."
       panel 6: "Go in then. He deserves you."

Page 8 panel 3: Mary Gentian gets around; we saw her first in upstate New
York in 6:12-13; then again in New York City in "A Game of You" part 6
(37:12:8). She may also have been the newscaster on the nighttime news in
58:1:5. She is named for British fantasy writer Mary Gentle, just by the by.

Page 10 panel 5: HIV can be transmitted when users of intravenously injected
drugs share hypodermic needles. Cleaning the needles with bleach kills the
virus. Hal is implying that that's how Chantal and Zelda contracted AIDS.

Page 11 panels 4-5: "The Kindly Ones" has gone on so long that it's started
echoing itself. These two panels echo part of Remiel's meeting with Lucifer, 
        panel 5: Hal is referring to a fashion theory that classifies people
into four types associated with the seasons. Each type is meant to look good
in certain colors and bad in others. Note Hal's "Gregory" t-shirt.

Page 12 panel 1: This appears to be the place where Morpheus brought
Rose Walker to kill her, in "The Doll's House" part 6 (15:22:5).

Page 13 panel 3: Lucifer is quoting Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven". 
The poem completes the line: "...nevermore." Delirium, on the other hand,
is (intentionally or not) quoting Matthew the raven, who has been saying,
"What*ev*er" all through the story (most recently on the page immediately
       panel 5: "Los Angeles" is Spanish for "the angels" (the name is 
actually a shortened version -- originally it was something like "City
of Mary, Queen of the Angels") and the city is often known by the nickname
Lucifer gives it. No doubt he appreciates the irony involved in the 
erstwhile devil running a night club in the city of angels.

Page 14 panel 3: In "The Season of Mists" part 2 (23:20:3-5).

Page 20 panel 2: Death proposed borrowing a book from Lucien in "Brief 
Lives" part 6 (46:19:2).
        panel 3: Hope Mirrlees is a British writer of the early 20th century,
best known for her fantasy novel _Lud-in-the-Mist_. _A Fly in Amber_ is
subtitled, _being an extravagant biography of the romantic antiquary
Sir Robert Bruce Cotton_. 

Page 24 panels 1-6: This sequence echoes a similar filmstrip-like one
in "The Doll's House" part 2 (11:16-17).

Release History:
Version 1.0 released 3 July 95.

	Greg "elmo" Morrow (morrow@physics.rice.edu) created the Sandman
	Katie Schwarz (katie@physics.berkeley.edu) pointed out the echo in
Matthew's flight on page 24, and noted Mary Gentian's appearances.
	Philippe Crocy (crocy@ens.ens.fr) pointed out the echo of Remiel's
meeting in Rose's.

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