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                              The Annotated Sandman

                Edited by Ralf Hildebrandt and largely written by David Goldfarb

               Issue 71: "The Wake: 2 In Which a Wake is Held"

                          Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli

Page 1 panel 3: The man with the jacket and glasses sixth from the left
resembles Neil Gaiman.  The odd-looking being eighth from the left may 
be J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter, in his (retconned) natural form.
       panel 4: The woman at the left resembles the character "Mercy", from
_The Last Temptation_, which Gaiman also did with Zulli.  The man and woman
at front and center may be the two who served the banquet in "The Season
of Mists" part 5 (26:8.4 and 26:12.6).

Page 2 panel 1: The shadowed man at the far left may be intended to be Zulli.
       panel 5: This echoes "A Game of You" part 2 (issue #33), in which 
people's tears were drawn in black, giving an impression that their eyes had 
been pecked out.

Page 3 panel 1: The man in black is probably the Corinthian.  The man in
the turban is named Tamaris; he and the woman beside him served food to
Dream and Delirium in "Brief Lives" part 2. (42:13-14)  The rabbit is
named Ruthven, and his lady is similarly unnamed.  We've seen them a few
times before, most recently dead at the Furies' hands in 66:14.2.
       panel 2: The woman on the broom is known as the Fashion Thing, and
was seen most recently in "The Season of Mists" part 1. (22:3.4)

Page 5 panel 1: This seems to be a gathering of four of Dream's old loves:
Calliope, the Thessalian witch, reincarnated Nada, and Queen Titania.

Page 7 panel 3: It's not clear who this is; the most likely candidate is
Eric Needham, who once offered Lyta Hall a job.  He was last seen in 59:18.6.

Page 10 panel 1: Mad Hettie was last seen in this series in 3:5.4, although
she played a major role in the _Death; The High Cost of Living_ miniseries.

Page 13 panel 1: Liar.
        panel 7: The fiddler is Abudah, last seen being killed with Mervyn
Pumpkinhead in 66:16.6.

Page 15 panel 5: Readers of Alan Moore's _Swamp Thing_ know that when Matthew
was a man he was possessed of immense power.  (Non-readers of Alan Moore's
_Swamp Thing_ are missing out big-time.)

Page 16 panel 6: According to Brewer's _Dictionary of Phrase and Fable_, the
Arimaspians were a race of men at war with a race of gryphons.  Creating 
a land with that name is probably Gaiman's invention.

Page 17 panel 3: Rose's brother Jed was last seen at the end of "The Doll's
House". (16:20.8)  His appearance here seems reminiscent of Shaggy in the
cartoon series "Scooby Doo", although this may not be intentional.

Page 18 panel 4: See the '70s Jack Kirby _Sandman_ series and part 3 of 
"The Doll's House" (issue #12) for details.

Page 19 panel 3: The Bhartari Raja was last seen in issue 53.  "Silas Tomken
Cumberbatch" was an alias used by the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (note the
initials).  Winnie the Pooh did not use a false name, rather his house had a 
sign above the front door reading "Saunders".  (Thus he "lived under the name".)
        panel 4: Lucien is quoting _Swamp Thing_ #26, written by
Alan Moore.  The man in question was Matthew himself, who had been driving
drunk and crashed his car; ultimately he died of it and became Morpheus's

Page 20 panel 1: Unlike other artists, Zulli seems to draw the Thessalian's
glasses as having no prescription.

Page 22 panel 1: According to report, the artwork in this panel originally
had a red cape peeping out from the back of Clark Kent's suit, and there
were other heroes visible in the background.  The editor of the Superman
titles felt this was disrespectful and ordered it cropped.

	Clark Kent is referring to old stories that are now no longer part of
official continuity.  In the 1970s, Superman's secret identity was a TV
news anchorman rather than a newspaper reporter.  The story where Superman
got an ant's head was _Action Comics_ #296, and where he became a gorilla was 
possibly _Action_ #218, and where he had to fly forwards in time was possibly
_Action_ #387.
Also, notice that Superman implies that that particular dream of his is recurring, corresponding to the two (or three?) versions of the Superman TV show, the most famous being the one starring George Reeves and the most recent being "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" with Dean Cain.
The green man with the blue cape is a superhero called the Martian Manhunter.
He's the only one of the three who hasn't been portrayed by "an actor on a strange television version of (his) life".
He was last seen in 5:14-15.
panel 2: John Constantine was last seen in issue #3; the man in the middle is probably Dr. Occult, and the man on the right is the Phantom Stranger. Neither of them have appeared before in this series, although they did have major roles in the _Books of Magic_ miniseries. Page 23 panel 4: According to report, there is a proverbial phrase, "I'll wear a red dress at your funeral". The meaning of this phrase is not quite clear. Page 24 panel 5: The statement that Matthew gives to Morpheus was in fact said by Mark Twain (the author of _Tom Sawyer_).

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