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                              The Annotated Sandman

                Edited and largely written by Ralf Hildebrandt

                             Issue 75: "The Tempest"

                            Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli

Disclaimer:  Sandman and all related characters are copyrights and trademarks
of DC Comics Inc.  Sandman and this annotation are intended for mature
audiences only.

M. Bezuijen writes:

There is a reference to another comic series 'Bone' by Jeff Smith
(http://www.boneville.com) in this story. 
* The inn were it all starts has the sign of a red dragon. This is one of
  the main characters in the Bone saga
* The old lady waiting the guests is actually 'Gran'ma Ben' (or queen Rose)
  from the Bone series, also one of the main characters in the saga.
These references were confirmed by Jeff Smith personally - you can find it
in the message board on above website. Here's his message:

Jeff replied "Yes, that is Gran'ma running the inn. It was drawn by
Charles Vess (who illustrated Rose, of course). And it was a wink toward the
Dreaming in Bone. As I remember it, DC's legal dept. insisted on minor
changes in her appeance so I couldn't sue. Which I wouldn't have anyway.
Charles also put a red dragon above the gateway to the Dreaming castle. It
was a surprise when the issue came out, and I enjoyed it a lot! Charles gave
the original art pages to me later as gift." 

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