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Brief Lives

Brief Lives

Previously published in single magazine issues as Sandman #41-49


Delirium, youngest of the Endless, prevails upon her brother Dream to help her find their missing sibling. Their travels take them through the world of the waking until a final confrontation with the missing member of the Endless and the resoulution of Dream's painful relationship with his son, Orpheus, change the Endless forver.

"The story... is one of Gaiman's most manifold and inventive, and also one of his most linear.

Neil Gaiman is on a plane all his own. Nobody in his field is better than this. No one has as much range, depth, and command of narrative. Gaiman is a master, and his vast, roomy stories, filled with every possible shade of feeling, are unlike anyone else's. If this isn't literature, nothing is."

-- Peter Straub, from the afterword

Book Info

The Sandman: Brief Lives
Published by DC Comics,
1325 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10019
ISBN 1-56389-137-9 (hardcover)
ISBN 1-56389-138-7 (paperback)

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