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A game of you

A game of you

Previously published in single magazine issues as Sandman #32-37


"Gaiman spins a tale that spans worlds, from the urban inhabitants of a grungy walk-up, to those of a Narnia-type land endangered by an enemy only known as the Cuckoo. Gaimans adroit sampling of world mythos gives the series its scope and sense of timelessness, but as usual it's the characters who stand out. This time the wonderfully motley crew includes a drag queen, a punky lesbian couple, several talking animals, one talking decapitated head, the confused heroine Barbie and, of course, Morpheus himself, The Sandman's eponymous dreammeister... If you haven't read the Sandman yet, this is as good a place as any to start. Shawn McManus' drawings are marvelous, the story is marvelous and, by the end, Gaiman's splendid writing even managed to coax a tear from these tired old eyes. The Sandman remains the standard by which other fantasy works, graphic and otherwise, will be measured in the 90's. Great stuff."

-- Elizabeth Hand, Detroit Metro Times

Book Info

The Sandman: A game of you
Published by Titan Books Ltd,
19 Valentine Place, London SE1 8QH
ISBN 1 85286 478 8

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