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Chapter 1: "At Midnight, All the Agents..."

Certain notes are true for each issue. Each one is written by Alan Moore, drawn and lettered by Dave Gibbons, and colored by John Higgins. Moreover, each issue has a continuing motif, a reoccuring object or pattern that is seen on the cover, the first and last page (usually), and throughout the issue. This issue's motif is the blood-spattered smiley- face button.

Another trend is the title, which is always an excerpt from an apropos quote shown in its entirety in the last panel. This issue's title is from Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row."

The clock appearing on the covers counts the minutes to midnight, similar to the clock in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which is an estimate of the world's closeness to nuclear war. The clock stands at 11 minutes to midnight, and advances by one minute per issue.

Cover: First appearance of the blood-spattered smiley-face button. The button belonged to the Comedian, who we first see in flashback on page 2. The shape of the blood stain reappears in issues 11 and 12.

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